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The Beaverhead

We are software house and we deal with designing and creating software focusing on responsive web apps and hybrid mobile apps. On daily basis we help creating MVPs.

Our flagship product is a Remo platform which provides a set of tools which allow to build device clouds as well as remote development, testing of mobile applications and the management of works of project teams.

things we do

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Why the Beaver?

Beavers are intelligent builders creating dams, thanks to which new ponds and lakes are created. It is also a key species in ecosystem, creating new life environment for other plants and animals.

That is why the beaver became an inspiration in what we are doing, i.e. in creating ECO-FRIENDLY SOFTWARE. We effectively use available tools and knowledge, we create innovative solutions of a new generation, we create eco-friendly environment for your business.

"Due to its role in maintaining the structure of an ecosystem, the Eurasian beaver is recognised as a 'keystone species'. By constructing dams, the beaver creates new ponds and lakes, allowing many other animals and plants to converge on the area to take advantage of the new habitat."

Allred, M. (1986) Beaver Behavior: Architect of Fame and Bane! Naturegraph Publishers, Happy Camp, California

our direction

Our mission is to deliver the tools for our clients for distributed collaboration groups, as well as for testing applications and other mobile solutions. Thanks to that, our clients will save time and human as well as financial resources.

We believe that the future belongs to mobile devices and cloud type solutions. We are the ECO-FRIENDLY SOFTWARE company, because we create a wireless world, and we engage our clients and partners in this pro-ecological process.

our places

Zielona Góra

Green Mountain, that’s what Zielona Góra means. That is truly green city in western Poland with green areas nearly in 50% of the city. Parks, botanical garden, vineyards, forests, lakes, streams and a clear and fresh air. Perfect conditions for The Beaverhead Team to grow up. So close to natural beavers’ habitats all around the nearby towns.

We are from here. And we are proud of it.


The city which doesn’t need to be introduced to anybody. Multicultural giant with long history, beautiful architecture and drinking tea habit. The startup scene is still growing and it is a perfect place for new ideas. City with a lot of opportunities, where you can meet others, work, learn, network, collaborate and have fun at the same time.

We are a piece of nature in this tech environment.

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In last few years we could notice that market of dating portals and apps is growing very quickly. If you ever search for  “dating” word in app stores you would see hundreds of results, from general dating apps for everyone through more sophisticated results narrowing the audience to traveling alone singles, Hindu people, Jews, tube commuters, Canary Wharf Singles and so on, and so forth. You could think that dating apps market is saturated already for any occasion, nothing could be further from the truth…

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Challenges in remote collaboration – Call survey summary

While working on Remo we are collecting the feedback from any possible source. Recently we moved forward with this topic and put it into another level. We launched a call survey with IT specialists dealing with Mobile Development on various levels: analytics, managers, developers and testers.

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Titanium modules (in)dependency


Creating applications in Appcelerator Titanium is quite easy unless you hit serious not-sure-what-it-is-going-on problem. Here you will find out what problems can cause Titanium module itself.

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