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Find the most cutting-edge, reliable technologies and tailor them to your business needs

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well-organized projects
on-time plan execution
stress-free work atmosphere
flawsless communication

Meet the management

Piotr Poźniak
Piotr Poźniak


I am coding for over 15 years. There is nothing better from creating something new on the piece of a paper and making it happen (besides of the cup of a coffee, of course).

Paulina Rzepiel
Paulina Rzepiel


I work in business for over 10 years. Growth is the underlying passion that drives my entrepreneurial spirit.

Our Story

In 2013, Piotr took a break from his role as a senior developer in the aviation industry and travelled across Europe in search of inspiration, from the Greek island of Crete to the northern tip of Norway.On the German leg of his tour, in the village of Bruchenbrücken near Frankfurt am Main, he finally had the idea of creating 'Remo'. The goal was a platform built on mobile software and tools that would make remote IT support available for anyone.

A midnight sun bike ride in Nordkapp

Piotr shared this idea with his friends Paulina and Dorota, and they jumped at the opportunity to make it a reality. In April 2014 they started The Beaverhead, a company with the goal of providing continuous development founded on the latest technologies, all while respecting the natural environment. The Beaverhead is at the forefront of providing the tools necessary to sustain the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Heads of The Beaverhead, photo taken by Adam Zajkowski (Hi Adam!)Heads of The Beaverhead, photo taken by Adam Zajkowski (Hi Adam!)

The technical side of the concept has posed a number of challenges. The most pressing issue was setting up facilities, a lab with mobile devices that could be controlled by Remo. It took the team at The Beaverhead two years to get this fully integrated operation up and running. In order to minimise operational costs they based themselves in their hometown of Zielona Gora in Poland.

Mobiles in the Remo lab, photo taken by PiotrMobiles in the Remo lab, photo taken by Piotr

As they developed the Remo platform, The Beaverhead team began to support clients with technical issues that were hampering their ability to build and grow their own businesses. Putting their experience in software development to use, they offered innovative solutions that helped exciting new start-ups get off the ground.Over time the team has grown and changed, however, The Beaverhead continue to support their clients build their companies with eco-friendly software.

A modest office party, goproed by KrzysztofA modest office party, goproed by Krzysztof