6+1 ways to optimise your business operation spreadsheets

A lot of startups and small businesses use Google spreadsheets, Excel or LibreOffice to manage their operations; however, spreadsheets can be unreliable, confusing and time-consuming.

This thorough and comprehensive e-guide will help you optimise the way you use spreadsheets to operate your business, providing valuable tips to improve your day to day efficiency.

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Using the simple methods outlined in this guide, you will be abale to

  • Organise and order your data in a clear, intuitive way
  • Create a clear view of your business operations
  • Build dashboards to help you overview all your information
  • Automate your spreadsheets so they update automatically
  • Visualise your data so you're no longer facing a wall of numbers
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Cheap and easy to use, spreadsheets provide a solution to organise data and format it in a way to analyse and grow your business.

Business plans

Contact lists



Data visualisation

Time logs

Inventory tracking

HR management


However, there are large setbacks and risks as well:

  • Lack of control over your data and how it's handled
  • Little flexibility on formatting and visualisation
  • Unreliability of human error
  • Lack of capacity of the out-of-the-box solutions
  • Large amounts of data become overwhelming
  • Wasting time to navigate through your data
  • Extremely difficult to find any mistakes

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90% of spreadsheets contain at least one error

All spreadsheets have an error in 1% of all formula cells

Most mistakes are due to human error

Still, spreadsheets are often the only option for many businesses, the alternative being customised software.

So how do you make them work?

At The Beaverhead we discovered that a lot of our clients can make their lives much easier by optimising their spreadsheets, using tips and tricks that don't require too much time or expertise.

Download our easy to follow guide today and start implementing simple methods to optimise your operations!

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