About us

We are experts in optimising business operations.

The Beaverhead provides exceptional expertise and high quality solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises looking to improve their business operations.

Through our in-depth process, we build an understanding of your business, your challenges and needs, and your goals, and we deliver bespoke software solutions to let you focus on what really matters - your company’s growth.

We have years of experience with enterprise-level, high-end software, but we noticed that small businesses who can really benefit from this often lack the budget. We want to make this level of quality available to all businesses and help them grow.

Our mission is to save business owners time and money by optimising their business operations through custom, reliable solutions.

When implementing projects, we focus not only on the software that we have to provide. We also take into consideration the business model and the environment in which the product we make will be used. We pride ourselves in the fact that we always surpass client expectations. We don’t just solve problems - we offer more ideas and ways to improve and optimise your business, ensuring that we deliver a really high-quality product that feels intuitive.

We also make sure the product is perfect before it comes to you, so you don’t have to look out for bugs or do the testing yourself.

Our team works remotely, through a secure VPN connection, a unique process, and custom tools. We’ve integrated many systems and optimised all our tools to be able to efficiently create the most valuable software for our clients. We are masters in automation and making things “work by themselves”, and we would love to do the same for you too!

What our clients value the most:

Our high level of collaboration. Our clients often tell us it feels like we are an extension of their own team.

Our excellent communication. We stir away from technical jargon and explain everything in such a way that it is easy to make the right decision.

Our friendly manner. We build relationship with our clients - we don’t want to be just another supplier you work with.

We go above and beyond. We work on improving and growing your whole business holistically, rather than just resolving the one isolated issue.

We create additional value. We work with you to get you the most out of your software, and build up on your brief to make sure it works for you

Our clients say we are...
Timely and responsive
Staying connected with nature

Our co-founders have both grown up with a love for nature, and they fondly talk about their childhood memories of playing in forests and gardens. The rest of our team also appreciates the outdoors, and we all spend a lot of time outside trekking, walking, or just enjoying nature.

We understand and value the benefits of being outside in regards to mental health and well-being - it’s better to go for a walk than to spend time in front of the TV. So we often remind each other, when it gets stressful or busy, to get up from our laptops and take a few minutes for a break outside.

We try to care for the environment as much as we can. We believe through software we can help heal the world - by optimising software to need less computing power, we reduce energy and electricity consumption. Our team also works remotely, reducing our carbon footprint by saving fuel for commuting.

Our values


We are always honest with our clients and provide the best solution for their business, rather than waste their time or money. We make sure that our clients understand exactly what we are doing for them, why, and how, with clear processes, defined milestones, and constant communication.

Continuous improvement

We are always learning here at The Beaverhead. New tools, software, and ideas enter the market every day, and we do our best to stay at the bleeding edge of all developments and knowledge. Through such innovation we ensure that we go above and beyond our clients’ expectations.


Excellent software is built by a strong and knowledgeable team. We bring people together for discussion and ideas, and we embed ourselves as part of our clients’ teams. Our clients often say they don’t feel like The Beaverhead is a vendor, but rather an extension of their own company.

Long-term relationships

A respectful, friendly and productive relationship with each of our clients is our top priority. We work together with our clients to build the best solution and help their businesses grow. We pride ourselves in the fact that more than 90% of our clients have returned to us with additional work.

Our Story

Before establishing The Beaverhead, Piotr Pozniak worked for a company that created high-end products for the aviation industry. He saw how enterprise software is created, what the challenges are and how it works, and he wanted to bring that quality to smaller businesses at a price they can afford.

In 2013, Piotr took a break from the corporate world and travelled across Europe, from the Greek island of Crete to the northern tip of Norway. On the German leg of his tour, in the village of Bruchenbrücken near Frankfurt am Main, he realised what he had to do.

After five years in the industry, Piotr took his skills and expertise and brought them to smaller clients with his own agency, which he created with long-time friends Paulina Rzepiel and Dorota Marach.

In April 2014 they started The Beaverhead, a company with the goal of providing continuous development founded on the latest technologies, all while respecting the natural environment. Within months The Beaverhead was already at the forefront of providing the tools necessary to sustain the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Beaverhead team began to support clients with technical issues that were hampering their ability to build and grow their own businesses. Putting our experience in software development to use, we offered innovative solutions that helped exciting new start-ups get off the ground. The team has grown and changed over time, however, we continue to support our clients in building their companies with eco-friendly software.

Today, The Beaverhead provides high quality software solutions and excellent expertise to small and medium-sized enterprises globally. We can’t wait to help you too!

A midnight sun bike ride in Nordkapp, recorded by PiotrMobiles in the Remo lab, photo taken by PiotrMobiles in the Remo lab, photo taken by Piotr

The team

Thanks to the blessings of the internet and our remote setup, we can recruit talent globally and benefit from the opportunity to work with the best specialists that are out there. There is a lot to be done when your goal is to always surpass expectations and be at the bleeding edge of software development, and we couldn’t keep doing it without the young, eager, highly motivated individuals who have made The Beaverhead’s mission their own.

Piotr Poźniak
Piotr Poźniak

CEO, co-founder

Piotr saw a computer for the first time at the age of six and has known technology is his calling ever since. Today, he runs The Beaverhead, as well as other projects aimed at helping entrepreneurs.

Paulina Rzepiel
Paulina Rzepiel

COO, co-founder

With a variety of experience working with business owners, today Paulina focuses on helping SMEs unlock their business potential. In her free time, Paulina likes to travel and take long walks in nature.

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