Customisable, embeddable event calendars

Easily and automatically create beautiful, embeddable calendar views using Church Community Builderâ„¢.

The idea behind this project is quite simple. The church leaders support themselves with software to better communicate with their community. The CCB tool has also been created for this purpose and has a huge number of various functionalities. However, there are things that CCB users can not do - e.g. share their calendars.

We decided to integrate with the CCB API and create a tool with which church administrators can easily create their own unique calendar and fit it to their website, as well as share it on social media.

CCB Events is a SaaS platform that integrates and synchronises data, and provides tools to change the style and type of the calendar. All this so that administrators can more effectively provide information about upcoming events to their congregations.

Technologies: ReactJS, CakePHP
Platform: WebApp, SaaS
Year: 2019

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