E-commerce platform for photo printing business

Increase the market share by creating e-commerce platform that allows customers making orders online.

A small photo lab that aspires to be the biggest in the country. When you hear this, you might wonder if such a plan has any chance of succeeding. We checked how this small lab works. Mateusz showed us the whole order fulfillment process: from placing the order (locally) to finished prints. Manual editing in the lab, the utmost attention to detail and meticulous quality control spoke for themselves. The products from Lab31 stood out against the competition with their exceptional quality.

"The Beaverhead is a team of true professionals in their branch. Their knowledge and skills allowed us to complete our project efficiently, and their unconventional approach has resulted in many fantastic solutions we haven't dreamed of. Great communication, quick response and forbearance for our technological ignorance ensure us we cannot think to work with anybody else in that field." - Mateusz Papliński, Owner

We undertook to create an e-commerce platform that would not only allow for ordering of prints. We wanted the whole customer experience to reflect the quality the customers ultimately receive when they hold in their hands the prints in which their memories are embedded, while keeping the process easy and convenient.

To simplify order placing as much as possible, we decided to utilise the latest browser capabilities and HTML5 technology and reverse the process of placing the order. Usually, the user chooses the photos they want to print, then uploads them to the server, and then places their order. In our application, the customer chooses the photos and reviews them on their own computer, places the order, and the files are uploaded to the server only when they are confirmed. This made the whole process 80% faster and at the same time reduced the risk of cart abandonment.

In addition, to streamline the process of order fulfillment, the admin panel has been equipped with tools to export the order to a format that perfectly matches the requirements of the Fuji Frontier photo lab. Thanks to this, the lab technician has less work and more certainty that the prints are done in the correct format, on the right paper.

Before the platform was launched, online orders accounted for only 5% of all Lab31's orders. In the first year after the online store was launched, the number of online orders has tripled. The reach has also increased, with customers from all over the country finding their way to Lab31. As a result, Mateusz currently competes with the largest players in the industry.

Client: lab31
Technologies: JavaScript, BackBoneJS, PHP, MySQL
Platform: WebApp, backend admin panel
Year: 2016

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