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Assessment of existing code structure, prepare strategy to upgrade the code of the platform codebase

We fit very well in many environments. We did this time, too. We managed to find our feet in the mature PastorsLine project, with its loyal customers.

"Piotr is the REAL DEAL! Pay someone $20/hr and they will take 10 hrs and give you bad coding. Pay qualified and experience developers their correct rate and you will get the best solution in a shorter time and ensure it will work and work well. He is worth it. We used him as a project manager and initial dev to set up the direction. He did such a great work so quickly, that we need to revisit this when we can actually get our team to start working on it. Currently working with Piotr on a different SaaS product at this time." - Jason Alexis, Owner

Jason is very business-orientated and effective at identifying weak spots in his product. He is not indifferent to the quality which he delivers to his customers along with the whole plan for further improvements in his platform. He asked us to make an assessment and create the foundations for improving key elements of his software.

We carried out the analysis, prepared the project documentation, and the initial structure for the further development of the platform.

Client: Pastorsline
Technologies: PHP, JavaScript
Platform: WebApp
Year: 2018

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