Location based social platform

Create a platform where people can find information about events and worth knowing places in their city. Merge findings from many sources into one social platform.

How alienated do you feel when you arrive in a new place you don't know? How to get to know this place? Where to go to feel the local vibes? How to find out where you can do something you need to do? Facebook can help but is limited because of its one drawback - you need to know people who live in or visited a given location. However, in many cases, such as when you move to a new city, you do not have a friends' network there.

"Thanks to The Beaverhead we were able to bring our vision to reality. They led us by the hand through technical complexities and helped in every single step from mockups to going live. We are also very satisfied how the project was managed - the communication was fast and productive, everything was delivered on time. We are happy that we have such a great partner at our side and we can't wait to receive another bit of code from them :)" - Wojciech Kościesza, Owner

During his professional career, Wojtek found himself in a similar situation many times. Every time he moved to a new city, he faced the same problem of no friends and no information about local events and places worth knowing. That's why he designed an interface for a social platform, which will focus primarily on the place and community that is connected with this place, and not on the individuals themselves.

We could say that the task was easier, because the entire UI mockup, as well as the UX, were very well prepared, so implementing the whole project was a pleasure.

Since the launch of the platform, we have been adding new functionalities and improving existing ones. Because the whole project is based on our Continuous Delivery, the introduction of subsequent changes is efficient, and users are not exposed to downtime and interruption in the service.

Client: Placepark
Technologies: JavaScript, ReactJS, PHP, MySQL
Platform: WebApp
Year: 2016

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