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We were approached by Jeremy Horne with an idea that we loved - an app that would truly help improve people’s lives, making them feel better and get more out of their day.

"Finding Piotr and The Beaverhead team was like finding a Unicorn - I believed there must be a team like theres out there on UpWork, but wasn't sure I'd actually be able to find them. Fortunately I did, and they've provided a 5 star perform across all parts of our engagement! Brilliant comms, ultra talented, and enjoyable to work with coupled with reasonable prices ... I honestly can't recommend these guys enough." - Jeremy Horne, Owner

We worked with Jeremy and co-founder Gareth to help them develop Thriverapp™.

Today, the app is growing to become one of the most trusted and effective wellness and self-development communities globally.

Jeremy Horne had put together a detailed stack containing designs and UX plans. Him and Gareth needed someone who could take those ideas and develop the mobile app for both iOS and Android, as well as provide all backend services. It was important that it would fit within their budget.

They needed to build an app that they refer to as a “community-powered ultimate life list”. Its intention is to take bookmarks and socially-focused functionalities and combine them. Users can save anything from a good book to helpful software, leaving them with a source of all types of their favourite content. That way, they can apply the content to their day-to-day and hopefully lead better lives.

The community aspect allows users to see products and content that others are using. In terms of functionality, it was fairly complex. The challenge was making something that’s complicated appear as simple as possible through the user experience.

When we started working with Thriverapp™, we helped them optimise the user experience and ensure that the front- and backend would work together properly.

Our main focal point was the mobile app development and backend services. We developed native iOS and Android apps in React Native, providing all the functionality expected in the original planning phases.

"We have an app that [we] are really pleased with," said Jeremy Horne, co-founder, Thriverapp™. “[The Beaverhead] functioned like true partners for us. They’ve made recommendations throughout the process, and we’ve been able to have conversations that have guided the project. Because of that, we ended up with something that’s better than we originally planned.”

The next step for Thriverapp™ is Thriver+. Through an AI Life Coach called Max and proven habit forming systems, Thriver+ will help users to discover and then turn the life systems of 'heroes' into their own healthy habits.

Their project is now live on Kickstarter.

Client: MVLS Digital PTY LTD
Technologies: ReactJS, React Native, LoopBack JS, Node, CakePHP, MySQL, MongoDB
Platform: WebApp, Mobile App, Android, iOS
Year: 2019

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