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Thriverapp™ is an App based community that gives you access to the habits, routines, resources and life systems people like Tim Ferriss, Brené Brown, Pat Flynn, Arianna Huffington and Tony Robbins apply to live successful yet balanced lives.

"Finding Piotr and The Beaverhead team was like finding a Unicorn - I believed there must be a team like theres out there on UpWork, but wasn't sure I'd actually be able to find them. Fortunately I did, and they've provided a 5 star perform across all parts of our engagement! Brilliant comms, ultra talented, and enjoyable to work with coupled with reasonable prices ... I honestly can't recommend these guys enough." - Jeremy Horne, Owner

Client: MVLS Digital PTY LTD
Technologies: ReactJS, React Native, LoopBack JS, Node, CakePHP, MySQL, MongoDB
Platform: WebApp, Mobile App, Android, iOS
Year: 2019