6+1 ways to optimise your business operation spreadsheets

Many businesses - especially young and small ones - rely on spreadsheets to run their day to day operations. This includes anything from the very beginning, like putting together your business plan, through to owning a successful business and tracking your orders in Google Sheets.


Spreadsheets are a cheap option for small businesses (especially considering the high quality free options - Google Sheets and LibreOffice), however they have a good amount of drawbacks. Issues include high risk of failure due to human error, loss of data due to disorganisation, or simply a lot of time wasted because of lack of functionality.

When you’ve reached the capacity of what you can do with spreadsheets, it’s often time to invest in tailored custom software. Software built for the needs of your business that you can rely on to do exactly what it’s meant to. Unfortunately, that’s not an option for everyone, especially those just starting out.

We have pullet together our top tips on improving your spreadsheets and getting them to work for you and your business.

In our latest e-guide, “6+1 ways to optimise your business operation spreadsheets”, we teach you to:

  • Structure and organise your data
  • Make your data easier to review and understand
  • Reduce human error in data entry
  • Leverage built-in functionality you may not be aware of - Save time when building your spreadsheets
  • And more!

To find out how you can achieve all of the above, [click here] ( and download our e-guide for free! Alternatively, get in touch today to discuss how we can help get your business to the next level through tailored, professional software.

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