Birthday celebrations, work from home tips, and fun facts

At the beginning of the month we turned 7 years old - a big milestone that made us look back and think about everything that has happened over the years and how we have changed.

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We celebrated by throwing a company Zoom meeting. Our team members joined from various countries in the world, prepared to share memories, stories, and what they have learned in the past year.

Piotr kicked us off by giving everyone some exclusive insight into what it was like starting the business all those years ago. We learned about the six months he spent travelling, couch surfing, and looking for ideas, until he finally came up with a remote mobile software idea.

Him, Paulina and Dorota started The Beaverhead, and within two weeks they won a competition that gave them a booth at their first event. Their first ever stand was humble and quickly put together, but it kicked off the launch of a company that over the next 7 years would continuously grow and evolve.

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Work from home tips

We are all very well aware that the past year has been weird for everybody. At The Beaverhead, we have been working remotely for years, so we took this rare opportunity of us all being together to share our top tips for working from home.

Piotr shared that he likes to change places and travel to different towns to work from, but when doing so he always ensures that there will be an extra bedroom that can be used as an office. Our marketing consultant Monica agreed, chiming in that it’s valuable to have a dedicated work space - even if it’s just a desk. That way you can more easily separate your work time from your “me” time.

Paulina’s tip was all about having a schedule and a routine, and allowing some time for yourself. She likes to wake up a few hours before work, so she can focus on herself and prepare for the day. She has noticed that doing this makes her feel much better than waking up 5 minutes before her first meeting!

Vyacheslav’s tip was more practical - get enough sleep! He has noticed that people often underestimate a good night’s sleep, but it is when you are well rested that you are at your best and can handle challenges with a clear head.

Sergey’s top rule for working from home - drink up to three cups of coffee, no more! He also shared living in a place with bad weather helps him focus. As well as listening to his favourite lofi playlists, like this one.

We also shared photos of our home office spaces, and agreed that everyone should take time to make their space their own and comfortable!

TBH home office 2.jpg

Fun facts

We closed off the meeting by sharing some little-know facts about ourselves anonymously, making everyone guess who shared the fun fact. That’s how we found out, for example, that Sergey once read 60 books in a year! Also, apparently Piotr barely passed his final math exams in high school… Let’s see if we can sneak this into the blog post without him noticing!

We also learned that we need to be careful around Paulina, as she used to be an archery champion. This has nothing to do with the fact that there will be no embarrassing fun facts shared about Paulina in this post.

And that was that! We had a really fun time catching up, even if it was only online. One thing we learned is that we should definitely do this more often… And hopefully next year we can have an in-person party!

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