Celebrating 7 years of The Beaverhead!

In April 2014, after years of working in enterprise software, Piotr Pozniak took his skills and expertise and brought them to smaller clients with his own agency, which he created with long-time friends Paulina Rzepiel and Dorota Marach.


The Beaverhead was born on April 8 - a software start-up aiming to enable remote mobile use. Over the years our focus shifted to providing continuous development founded on the latest technologies.

Seven years later, we continue to supply high-quality software solutions and excellent expertise to small and medium-sized enterprises globally - but things have also changed.

On our birthday, we can’t help but look back at how we’ve grown. So, what has changed?

Seven years later

In April 2014, The Beaverheads was just Piotr, Paulina, Dorota, and the ambitions of young people hoping to make a difference.

Today, the company has employees in three different countries, serving clients all over the world. In the past year alone we have worked with companies in the entertainment industry, health and wellbeing, social platforms to name a few.

But getting bigger is not the only thing that has changed.

Recently we also started shifting our focus. Our goal has always been to help smaller and medium-sized companies get the high-end software usually reserved for those with much larger budgets. In the past few years, we have found another way to help SMEs - through process optimisation. After working on and reviewing our own processes, we saw the value of having a well-oiled, automated machine as the base of your business. We started offering this service to others, and have seen great results.

"Piotr and The Beaverhead team are extremely professional, very knowledgeable, and have excellent communication skills. Everything you would want out of someone you hire for any job." Brad Powell, CEO, Big Lazy Panda

Big Lazy Panda, for example, was a client that used spreadsheets, online tools, and a lot of manual effort in order to maintain their project management and invoicing. We worked with them to create a custom solution which has eliminated a lot of the manual work and room for error. You can read more about it in our case study here.

We have also been working on finding more and more ways to help small businesses. For example, we created these [customisable, embeddable event calendars] ( to improve community communication, and are working on an estimation tool to help others budget properly.

Seven years later, our goal continues to be supporting SMEs through high-quality, custom solutions and a friendly manner. We try to be not just a vendor our clients work with, but a partner!

"It feels like we’re working with a team of friends as opposed to a supplier." Jeremy Horne, Co-Founder, ThriverApp

What we’ve learned

Running a business is not easy! In seven years we have definitely had our challenges and moments of confusion, even a little bit of fear.

But we’ve learned that the most important thing is to keep pushing forward, finding new ways to grow, and evolving alongside your clients.

We’ve learned the value of connections, and surrounding ourselves with people who have a passion and desire for growth and collaboration.

“Don’t try to do everything by yourself. Meeting new people and having just a few minutes of conversation can lead to great learning and new opportunities.” - Paulina, COO and co-founder

We’ve also learned that breaking your back and working overtime at low prices is not the way to build a business.

“Sacrificing your weekends will lead you nowhere.” - Piotr, CEO and co-founder

The past year, of course, has been an especially good opportunity to learn a lot. We have always supported remote working, but this year has especially shown how important human connection is, even when you are in different countries.

So here’s to 7 more years

Here we are! April 2021, and we have grown and learned and changed and celebrated. We can only hope to continue moving forward and working with amazing people.

We want to thank our backend developer Sergey for always striving for perfection, our frontend developer Vyacheslav for his commitment to his work, and thank you to Abdullah, our mobile developer, for always approaching all projects with curiosity and passion!

Over the next seven years, we hope to continue growing, continue learning, and continue helping small and growing businesses do the same. Come along for the journey!

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