How The Beaverhead helped PastorsLine save thousands of dollars

About a year ago we worked with PastorsLine to review their architecture and make recommendations to modernise their code case.

PastorsLine is a product offering bulk text and calls to churches and other religious entities - a unique and exciting project we really enjoyed working on.


Jason Alexis, owner of PastorsLine, found The Beaverhead through a reference. He wanted to decrease the number of hours spent on fixing recurring bugs, improve the speed of deploying new features, and ensure their code was scalable for growth.

After meeting and discussing the project, we got to work. Jason was great to work with, as he is very business-orientated and effective at identifying weak spots in his product. He is not indifferent to the quality which he delivers to his customers, and wanted The Beaverhead to create the foundations for improving key elements of his software.

We carried out the analysis, put together the project documentation, and prepared the initial structure for the further development of PastorsLine. We started off with a consultation and continued to have regular meeting, while we were continuously documenting everything. We created a new architecture for the app using ReactJS, a layout for an API service, put together a timeline and estimates for each, and made suggestions on how to improve the legacy app while maintaining the current code.

“This saved us thousands of dollars in the development of the new web app and we immediately saw improvements in our current app when we added the suggestions they provided,” Jason says in his review on Clutch.

"Piotr is the REAL DEAL!” He continues, “Pay someone $20/hr and they will take 10 hrs and give you bad coding. Pay qualified and experience developers their correct rate and you will get the best solution in a shorter time and ensure it will work and work well. He is worth it. We used him as a project manager and initial dev to set up the direction.”

In the end, Jason and his team were very happy with the results and what our work meant for their product. We even proceeded to work with Jason on another project - CCB Events, a SaaS platform that integrates and synchronises data, and provides tools to change the style and type of the calendar.

You can read more about our work with PastorsLine, and other amazing businesses, on our portfolio page.

We would love to help your business next - shoot us a message and let us see how we can shine a light on what is possible for you!

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