Rebranding CCB.Events to DisplayChurch.Events

For the last three years, we have been working on our product CCB.Events. Starting out as a project for Fluid Ministry, it turned out to be a successful joint venture. We’ve continued building and improving the product together, and as we onboard more and more members, we continue to receive feedback and requests for new features.


It’s not uncommon that a project like this, which at the beginning was meant to do only one thing, evolves into something more complex. That’s what happened to our event platform.

Initially, we wanted to help people who use one Church Management System simply and beautifully display their events on their websites. It turned out that there is a need for other features that go beyond the events space.

We also couldn’t ignore the other people who use different ChMSes in their churches. It made sense to expand to help others in their struggles with issues we were already resolving.

So here’s what we have decided to do. We will focus on displaying key information that churches want to broadcast on their websites in an easy and eye-catching way. That’s how DisplayChurch was born. This new and improved tool will allow us to integrate with other third-party platforms and offer our services to their clients without confusion. It’s the first step to revamping our platform to handle other integrations and products.

On the way, we had two very important things in mind:

  • Maintaining the uptime of the platform without interrupting our users’ access to our widgets
  • Ensuring our clients were aware of what was going on

Most of the time we spent on this rebranding project was focused on planning. It was important not to break current functionality and to maintain access to our old domain name.

Having completed this project, we are now using this newly gained experience to also rebrand our client Lab31’s portals to l31, and we are preparing to work on Placepark, soon to be known as HeyDay.

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