The Beaverhead is now AWS certified

We are pleased to announce that after a month of reading and training courses, and eight vigorous tests, our Backend Developer Sergey Vasilets has officially passed the AWS Foundational certification!


This means Sergey has the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively demonstrate an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud, including the platform’s key features and use cases, its security and compliance aspects, and its architectural principles, as well as its pricing models and documentation.

AWS is one of the most popular cloud hosting services in the world. Offering dozens of services, it makes it possible to build almost any custom web-based solution without spending thousands of dollars for the infrastructure. It's a great solution for startups, as it offers a free tier which is excellent for small projects. And although the cost does grow significantly for more advanced projects, it is based on usage rather than rigid monthly fees.

The Beaverhead is not new to the AWS portfolio of services. Several of the bespoke software projects we have delivered are hosted on AWS.

Currently, we are leveraging one of the AWS services - SQS, a queue processor - to overhaul one module of PastorsLine, a cloud-based bulk text messaging application for churches and ministries. With SQS we were able to balance the server load so it does not crash when hundreds of thousands of messages have to be processed. In the below screenshots you can see the difference SQS makes - from almost 400 errors in just 24 hours, to no errors in 30 days! A fantastic result, this is just one example of how AWS can optimise your custom business software.

Before and after SQS screenshot.png

With Sergey’s professional certification, we are now able to offer our clients the best, most competitive solutions to their software and logistics problems. Our in-house expert is able to consult on the approach and best services to solve any particular set of problems, making sure you receive the perfect solution for your business. For example, some projects may seem better fit for a dedicated server, but actually would be more effectively handled with a cloud solution. The Beaverhead is now in a better position to plan the project and suggest the right approach to creating the infrastructure.

Our team can now comfortably discuss hosting solutions and find the best one for each project. Sergey can not only decide what AWS services should be used, but also advise the client on cost structures and how to get the best price possible: "I’m feeling confident with the AWS console. I know the purpose and use cases of the main AWS services, around 30 - 40 services. I know AWS and it’s pricing model.”

We are proud of Sergey’s achievement and excited to provide even stronger support to our customers when it comes to custom software and cloud-based solutions. Contact us to see how we can help your business grow!

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