System integrations, API, third-party platforms data exchange

Make third parties speak to each other.


It should not matter to you if it is REST API or Real-Time Communication via WebSockets. We are here to help you with either exposing your data to others or handle incoming data on the webhook. We will also help you in understanding what you can do and what integration option you have when you plan to consolidate with other systems.

One-to-many integration

So you use one platform that connects to another system which pulls data from the third systems which do some computation that you want to circle back? No problems. We have vast knowledge and experience in integrating many platforms. Most of the systems we implement integrates with third parties.

Bilateral agreements

Do you plan to integrate with a vendor that does not have the API yet? We can help you in preparing documentation so their tech team can understand and scope what is required so your systems can connect.