Software development

Are you looking for a custom website or a bespoke mobile app? Whatever you need, our team of developers is ready to build it for you. If you still don't know what kind of web presence suits your business, we can help work out which option works best for you. We have the following software development expertise:


New concepts need to be tested. Rather than find out too late that your product doesn't work, we can help you save time and money by building a prototype and testing it against the Value Proposition Canvas. This process allows you to answer two key questions: 1. How feasible the idea actually is. 2. How likely the idea is to grab the attention of potential users. We can help you build a successful prototype, finding the environment and tools that will make it work. We are happy to sign an NDA where required.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Success in business is underpinned by three fundamentals: Product, Marketing, and Sales. Let us take care of securing your Minimum Viable Product so that you can focus on the other core elements of your business. With our expertise in preparing business models and managing project documentation, we can deliver your MVP in no time.


Our team of developers is always ready for a new challenge, and will use the latest technologies to implement your product. We guarantee the highest standards in internal testing and verification. In this way we guarantee a stable product with the latest innovations at its heart. If you want imaginative solutions to your problems we are the right people for the job, and have just the ‘black magic' needed to get it done.

Apps Maintenance

The implementation of a fresh service may be relatively easy, but maintenance is often less so. The period after a project is launched is often one where additional features or urgent support are most needed. We are there to help you through this period.


The approach to programming has changed significantly over the last ten years. Nowadays the software development process requires the ability to quickly modify configurations while maintaining the technology stack and its dependencies. We use the Continuous Delivery and Integration model when introducing modifications in order to keep software updates stable and issue-free.

Cloud Services

We host applications on our own servers as well as third party cloud services such as Amazon AWS. In both cases, we help you choose the right tools, whether your application requires a significant data storage or has high I/O consumption, we can support it.


Over the years, we've mastered the following technologies:

Programming languages

PHP, JavaScript (ES5, ES6), C, C++


React, React Native, CakePHP, LoopBack, Backbone.js


Web, iOS, Android, Linux, Docker


Self-hosted and third party API integration with REST, AJAX, JSON, SOAP, WebSocket


SPA, PWA, AMP, HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SASS, jQuery, bootstrap


MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase