Case Study: How The Beaverhead created a unique tracking solution for Big Lazy Panda

Months ago Big Lazy Panda were grappling with their project management.

They were using spreadsheets to run their business and had no way of tracking their success or spotting issues early. Founder Brad Powell was struggling to find the right solution.

Download this case study to find out more from Brad himself about Big Lazy Panda, the challenges the company faced, and how they were resolved through custom-built software.

From this case study you will learn about:

  • What it's like to run an visual effects company in LA
  • Why running your business on spreadsheets is not a good idea
  • How custom software is helping Big Lazy Panda
  • How long it takes to build custom software
  • What the process is behind getting custom software built
To read about all of the above, download the case study now!

Big Lazy Panda founder Brad Powell was struggling to keep track of his business performance and task list. Spreadsheets, invoicing software, and team management software were not working together and data was getting lost. He needed a way to see all important information in one place and, ideally, be reminded of deadlines and tasks. That’s where The Beaverhead came in.

Find out how The Beaverhead helped Big Lazy Panda solve all their operational problems with one software solution

"It was easy, it was “comfortable”, I think, is the best word to describe it. I never felt at risk. As a small company you want to know [your money] is going to be well spent. With The Beaverhead’s method of working to milestones and paying to milestones, it was easy. It was simple, it was how you would hope it would be." - Brad Powell, founder, Big Lazy Panda

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