We shine a light on what is possible.

Using a consultative approach, we work with you to develop a mutual understanding of your growth goals, and with a natural, not technical voice, help you realise your business’s full potential.

We believe that using the right tools creates the flexibility for you to continually meet the changing needs of your customers. Therefore, with clear strategy and effective planning, combined with best practice in software design and implementation, we drive the effectiveness of existing process, and highlight opportunities to change.

We nurture our long-term relationships using our Customer Success Programme, which support our ethos of Collaboration, Continuous improvement and Trustworthiness.

Our mission is to save business owners time and money by optimising their business operations through custom, reliable software solutions.

How we can help you

We have extensive experience in helping businesses to improve their processes with tailor-made software. We will help you to:

Optimise your business for growth

When you present us with your problem or challenges, we don’t just do as told - we help you understand how you can improve your operations and performance and grow your business further. We work on improving and growing your whole business holistically, rather than just resolving the one isolated issue.

Reduce your costs

Money spent on software is a worthwhile long term investment. Once your company takes advantage of all opportunities, you will see a positive impact on your spend. Better decisions, a better working pace, happy employees and satisfied customers - it all adds up to higher revenue.

Streamline internal processes

Effective processes can define a company. Your software can be the guardian that ensures your procedures are followed and run efficiently. With our guidance, we help to simplify and streamline your processes, and then create tailored software solutions to run them.

Remove repetitive tasks

Save time by unloading your employees from tasks that can be automated. It can be data entry, manual verification of unpaid invoices, adjusting schedule based on the current workload or any other work that often reoccurs, we can build a solution that does it for you.

Minimise the risk of errors

Check, double-check and then check again. Missed deadlines or unfollowed procedures are just a fraction of all mistakes that can happen daily. The right software can not only help you avoid them, but also predict when these can take place to help you stay one step ahead.

Eliminate bottlenecks

We can help you identify bottlenecks, foresee where they might appear, and eliminate them. Through our solutions you will be able to use your resources in a predictable, organised, balanced manner.

"The Beaverhead Ltd delivers high-quality results through a collaborative process. The team is professional and talented." - Cofounder & Software Developer, Remote Working Tool

What we do

Can you confidently make strategic decisions, based on a clear view of your business?
Is your business truly responsive to the demands of your customers?
Are your processes and systems delivering value at the heart of your organisation?

Whatever your challenges are, our team of developers is ready to workout the best solution for you. The below are just a few of the custom software solutions we can build for you:

A Valuable Business Partner

As you take your business forward, connecting technology to drive results can be key. Working in partnership with us brings vision, expertise and skills to your strategic thinking and practical delivery. With a clear focus on your business, we can be the valuable business development partner you need to achieve the highest quality and maximum return for your ideas.


If you want imaginative solutions to your problems, you have come to the right place - we have just the right amount of ‘black magic' needed to get it done. With a clear focus on delivering high value into your business, expertise in creative solutions based on proven technologies, and a guarantee of the highest standards in internal testing and verification, you can confidently expect our team to deliver a stable product with the latest innovations at its heart.

Apps Maintenance

We understand that maintaining and developing the positive impact to your business after product launch is core to maximising your investment. Through our Customer Success Programme, we are here to help you identify and prioritise additional features and support, and provide the framework and delivery for these.


Your software development team needs to be able to quickly modify configurations while maintaining the technology and its dependencies. We respond to incremental updates during development using short software development cycles in order to keep software updates stable and issue-free. This means we can build, test, and release software quickly and with greater accuracy to your needs.

Cloud Services

We will work closely with you to recommend the best technical hosting for your software. We host applications on our own servers as well as third party cloud services such as Amazon AWS. Whether your application requires significant data storage or has high I/O consumption, we can support it.

"Internal stakeholders were impressed by the enhancements that The Beaverhead Ltd delivered." - Jason Alexis, Founder, PastorsLine

Custom solutions

Custom-built solutions can optimise your business processes and save you time and money for years to come, delivering the best results for your business. Unlike a generic, off-the-shelf solution, custom software addresses your specific needs in a way that is tailored to you.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

If your current CRM can't keep up with your demands, don't limit yourself by the features offered by your vendor. Each business is different, so off-the-shelf solutions won't serve every company perfectly. With our experience in designing and delivering custom-made CRMs, we can safely and securely migrate your business to a new solution, which will contain all the features to unlock your potential and help you to grow.

Project Management Software

Managing a project means taking responsibility from the beginning of the planning stage all the way through to delivery. All this decision-making is stressful enough - that's why we believe you should have strong support from a reliable tool that understands the business inside-out. Incomparable to off-the-shelf or cloud solutions, a custom-made project management tool is the partner you can rely on.


Foresee the Intranet to be your digital representation of your company's office. In this place, all your team members come in to do the work. We can help you build your Intranet's core, allowing you to add the next modules with ease and without hassle. It will transform your business and spearhead you to your next milestone. We will also help you plan the transition and train your staff - all with your budget in mind.

Order Management Software (OMS)

We can improve the visibility and effectiveness of your end to end order process through software that can either be integrated separately from your current software setup as well as embedded into it. We can deliver software that processes your orders and connects with other systems to provide full control over the process, from preparing the order to received shipment.

"Proactive and transparent, The Beaverhead Ltd maintains open lines of communication to foster a seamless workflow. Their professionalism and dedication set them apart." - Agnieszka Niekraszewicz, Owner, FITPIC

System integrations, API, third-party platforms data exchange

Make all your tools speak to each other.


We will help you with all your API integration needs, whether it is making data available to others, or handling incoming data. We will also help you understand what you can do and what integration option you have when you plan to consolidate with other systems.

One-to-many integration

So you use one platform that connects to another system which pulls data from a third group of systems, which in their turn do some computation, and you want to pull it all together? Not a problem. We have vast knowledge and experience in integrating multiple platforms. Most of the systems we implement also integrate with third parties.

Bilateral agreements

Do you plan to integrate with a vendor who does not an API yet? We can help you in preparing documentation so their tech team can understand and scope what is required for your systems to connect.

"The Beaverhead Ltd was responsible for producing an MVP for an events-based social network. From designs to hosting, the team worked to transform the client's mockups into a working product." - Wojciech Kościesza, Product Owner, Placepark


Over the years, we have mastered the following technologies:

Programming languages

PHP, JavaScript (ES5, ES6), TypeScript, C


React, React Native, CakePHP, LoopBack, Backbone.js


Web, iOS, Android, Linux, Docker


Self-hosted and third party API integration with REST, AJAX, JSON, SOAP, WebSocket


SPA, PWA, AMP, HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SASS, jQuery, bootstrap


MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase, PostgreSQL

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