Extract data from bank statements in seconds

Over the last few months we have talked with several businesses that manage bank statements on a daily basis. They need to collect and process these bank statements to extract the lines of data they need - for example Direct Debits and Standing Orders.

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If you also need to do this, you are probably doing it manually - copy-pasting lines of text and numbers, dealing with broken formatting and weird spacing.

Well, no more! We have developed a data extraction tool to help you get what you need out of your bank statements - in just a few seconds! You can access the tool here or find it in our new Tools section under Resources.

The tool

This convenient data extraction tool will allow you to process pages and pages of bank statements in only seconds. Simply drag your PDF onto the page, and the tool will extract the data, organise it in a neat table, and even total your Direct Debits and Standing Orders.


Your documents are safe - we do not keep the uploaded files! They are removed immediately after the data extraction is finished. We do not store the extracted data. We store metadata about the file itself (its size, mime type, filename) for our internal statistical analysis.

Try it!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and try the tool!

Please note - for now, the tool only works with Barclays bank statements.

This tool is part of our larger focus on helping companies automate their day-to-day activities. Extracting this data takes a lot of time if done manually, and simply put - it’s boring! Not to mention inefficient and prone to human error. So we fixed it.

If your company has such manual tasks and you could use some tailored automation - send us an email, let’s see how we can help you be more efficient!

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