Business development

We have extensive experience in building businesses from scratch. We have particular expertise in the following areas:

Business Model Review

In our experience start-ups often find it difficult to translate great ideas into a working business model. Sometimes our clients have yet to even produce a business model. Do you have a million-dollar idea but no idea where to start? We can help you build a business model canvas and find the right market for your start-up.

Project Management

Project management can often slip down your list of priorities when you're trying to grow your business. But without it businesses often fail. Our project management support could make the difference between success and failure. We have substantial experience leading projects to term on time and on budget, all while maintaining the highest standards. Let us manage your project, allowing you to focus on expansion.

Project Scope Definition

Business people are highly creative, however, sometimes an excess of innovative and new ideas may hamper the rate of progress. Rationalizing and prioritizing the features in a project is key to its success. This will ensure that the final product is more responsive to consumer needs and costs will not overrun. Let us help you to frame the scope of your project.

Project Documentation Control

When you set out on a journey you need a map to stop you from getting lost. Successfully monitored project documentation is that map, securing the delivery of cost-controlled and well-structured projects on time. The Functional Requirements Document is the key element in this process. It enables you to plan the necessary steps in a project, choose the right tools, and determine the resources required to complete it. Need help assessing the cost of your project or producing documentation? We can make this happen.

Market Research

If you are going to build a successful product, you need to know the consumer's needs and understand what your competition have to offer. We can help you build a picture of the marketplace and minimize the risk of failure.