Custom CRM, ERP, Project Management tools

There are lot of online tools that can aid your business. If you feel disappointed with what the market offers, we are here to help.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

If your current CRM can't keep up with your demands, don't limit yourself to features you are imposed on you by your vendor. Each business, in the core, is different so that off-the-shelf solutions won't serve every company in its fullest. A custom-made CRM will unlock your potential and let you grow.

Project Management Software

Managing the project is to take responsibility that starts on planning and ends on the delivery. This decision-making work is stressful enough; that's why we believe it should have strong support from a tool that understands the business inside out. It is nothing you can expect from off-the-shelf or cloud solutions. The custom-made project management tool is your partner you should rely on.

Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)

Can you have a Swiss Army knife for your company? Yes, you can. ERP is the same for your company what Operating System is for your laptop. We can help you create the core of your ERP, allowing you to add the next modules can with ease and hassle-free. It will transform your business into the next level. We will also help you in planning this operation and train your staff - everything budget-wise.


Running an online platform or maybe you think to launch a new spin-off product? We have experience in creating Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We've created a few online services by ourselves as well as helped others to develop the product for their companies.

Order Management Software (OMS)

Order processing software can be integrated aside from your current software setup as well as embedded into it. We have delivered software that processes the order and connects with other systems to provide full control over the process from making the order to received shipment.