Bespoke social media platform focused on wellness

Create a place where people can find a motivation, without a makeup. Consolidate traffic from many sources into one social platform.

Meet Agnieszka, a law graduate. However, law is not her main occupation. Like many women, Agnieszka was not happy with her figure. This seemingly insignificant problem turned out to be so serious for her that she decided to take charge of her life and change it for the better. With hard work and self-determination Agnieszka has achieved what many women dream about- a fabulous figure achieved without fad diets and torturous exercise regimes. Thanks to her innate empathy, she decided to quit her job and started sharing her knowledge with others through her blog, where she provided recipes for healthy meals - an indispensable element on the way to achieve a dream figure.

"What professionalism and commitment! I dare say that I could not do better :) I was lucky to work with The Beaverhead team, who fully realized my vision, were extremely polite and helpful at every stage of the work :) I highly recommend them with all my heart !!! :)" - Agnieszka Niekraszewicz, Owner

During the several years Agnieszka spent working on herself, she helped many women, and achieved more than 50 thousand Instagram followers. Instagram, however, is not the best place to look for motivation. Filters and a huge number of photo-shopped pictures give a false image of how real life and real hard work that gets results look like.

Our goal was to create a platform for people who want to change their lives through physical activity and proper diet, where they can share their results and get motivated with photos and content from other users. The content on the platform should be authentic, not subject to any filters, and show the "naked" truth. Simply - not create a false image of reality.

We created a portal that allows users to efficiently view and add photos, grouped into well-defined categories so that all content is placed in the correct places. No mess, because order is the first step to improving your life.

Agnieszka directed traffic from her channels to, which brought her over 2,000 registered users in less than a month. These users generate approximately 30,000 image views per day. The most important is that they are engaged users who really work on improving their lives, and fitpic is one of the key elements in their transformation.

Client: fitpic
Technologies: JavaScript, ReactJS, PHP, MySQL
Platform: WebApp
Year: 2016

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