Knowledge sharing platform for programming

Create a learning platform that will serve articles and knowledge base with articles that are easy to read and understand.

Programming is often seen as something inaccessible, even magical, and people who do it are geeks, dressed in geek clothes, isolated in dark, windowless rooms. Nowadays, a programmer is a hipster who, working on his laptop at Starbucks, creates another startup earning millions.

Is programming really so difficult and inaccessible? What outstanding aptitude do you need to have to be able to work as a programmer? Is it possible to switch industries and enter the IT world without an IT degree? The answer is straightforward: everyone can program, you just need to really want to do it.

We have created a platform on which we publish programming-related articles. Because programming is our bread and butter, we know best how to do it from the practical perspective.

We set ourselves the goal of lowering the bar so that the threshold of entry into the world of programming is really low. Maybe you will not create a mobile app right away, but we will give you a solid foundation to understand the principles of the digital world.

As part of the "Programming is easy" campaign, we also organised a month-long summer workshop, during which the participants were introduced to the basics of programming, while all raised funds were donated to charitable causes.

Technologies: ReactJS, CakePHP
Platform: WebApp
Year: 2017

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